Pilates apparatus

Studio Ka-motion is proud to be using Balanced Body Pilates Apparatus. We have the Reformer, Wall Unit, Wunda Chair and Barrel. This equipment works on a resistance spring system that expedites and intensifies the entire training for optimal workouts which achieves quicker results. Initially, all training on the apparatus is supervised by a experienced and certified Pilates instructor to insure proper use and posture during the exercises thus reducing any chance of injury. Experienced Pilates students may eventually book studio time to practice on their own.

Balanced Body Pilates Apparatus

Studio KaMotion uses Balanced Body Pilates Apparatus for a powerful and effective personal training. These machine work on a spring/ resistance system that aids and intensifies the workout for significantly quicker results. Schedule your training sessions to suit your schedule. The class is tailor-made to meet your specific needs with total attention to you! Would you like more information regarding Private Training Sessions? Feel free to contact Katja at 0611173713 for a free and non-obligatory in-take session.

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