Pilates is a therapy that can be extremely useful in helping people that are suffering from injuries. It can be used for things such as back and neck problems, ankle injuries, sports injuries, repetitive stress injuries, muscle strains, and more. Pilates is safe to use as a form of rehabilitation as it uses very controlled exercises, and has no impact on the joints. The resistance training apparatus can alter gravity’s impact so as to reduce or eliminate strain on injured areas. Pilates is excellent for regaining functional movement and increasing a patient’s strength and flexibility, which is often lost following an injury or period of inactivity. Improving posture and muscle symmetry is also important for recovery. Extra benefits of exercise and Pilates is the increases the flow of blood , expediting toxin release and regeneration of healthy tissue as well as release endorphin’s which are the body’s natural painkillers.

We aim to regain total mobility for a pain free existence with no future problems!