Pilates is a slow and controlled exercise method developed by Joseph H. Pilates. Using breath and focus one develops superb body awareness which is then implemented in daily life- that’s why it is so effective. It becomes a way of moving. Creating balance is the ultimate goal- stabilizing hyper mobility or generating flexibility in short muscles or tight joints. Pilates is fantastic for improving posture and alleviating stress. Even injuries or weak areas can be healed and strengthened with this practice. Working in alignment with you own body means less friction, more fluidity & grace, amazing inner strength and all –around better health!

“A powerful and pleasant journey in your own body!”

Why do pilates?

The benefits of Pilates covers a generous area:

  • discover and strengthen core (deep interior) muscles
  • tone (exterior) musculature
  • develop body awareness
  • create stability
  • enhance flexibility
  • improve posture
  • build body balance
  • increase range of motion
  • alleviate back/ neck pains
  • aid in rehabilitation
  • cure incontinency
  • help prevent injury
  • removes stress

With regular practice of Pilates you will see yourself and your body move with more ease, strength and comfort!

Who does pilates?

The beauty of Pilates is that it offers something for everybody- male, female, young, old, athlete, dancer, business person or anyone who just wants to improve their health and enhance the quality of their lives. In our small classes our teachers can give you the personal attention that you and your body needs. Since Pilates works on a layered system it offers ease and proper build up to the novice while remaining challenging to the more advanced student. The method is so variable that it can be used for different intents or purposes such as : core strength, exterior muscle toning, flexibility, stability training, stress release, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Why does pilates work?

Sometimes people wonder how one hour a week can be so effective. essentially what Pilates (and Yoga) teach is not just exercises. It teaches knowledge. Simply put, when you learn to recognize what you feel in your body, to work according to your very own body type and structure in the most “organic” fashion it becomes a way of moving- always. Your musculature changes to support the bones, joints and body better with less effort and unnecessary tension. Then, consciously and subconsciously you will find yourself moving differently with less friction and more strength and ease. The information you obtain here is utilized everyday all week long in all your activities and that gets results!

If you are wondering what Pilates can do for you, why not schedule a free intake session to speak with one of our professional about your desires. Call today to make an appointment at your convenience. Contact Katja 0611173713 or mail studio@ka-motion.nl