Vulnerable Target Groups


Many types of work can be physically demanding such as with manual labor or in the health care industry. It is most important to maintain strength, good posture, ergonomic work methods and strong core muscles to continue working in a painfree manner.

By creating strong and balanced muscles and re-programming incorrect muscle use to more organic and body-friendly movement Pilates can insure that you can continue to do the work you wish to do painfree. With more flexibility and range of motion the body can withstand more strain and reduce the chance of injury.

More importantly, the new manner of working becomes ingrained and begins to replace your previous work methods. By using very controlled exercises one develops the awareness and the good habits that prevent you from falling back into your old patterns.

Risk groups are:

  • Static office jobs with minimal movement and considerable computer work
  • Physically demanding manual labor
  • Jobs with unexpected movement (ie. sport)
  • Positions with a high responsibility and stress component
  • Work involving high intensity emotional weight